Buying running shoes 101

By Eran, December 13, 2015

With all the technological innovations in sports shoes and multiple brands promising the customer that they are truly the best, choosing a suitable shoe can be a difficult task. Making the right decision, picking a Nike from an Adidas and New Balance from Asics requires knowledge. Such informed decisions give you the power to professional-level customer a shoe that fits his needs, adjusting to his running style and feet anatomy. Quality shoes not only improves performance but also allow proper foot movement and shock absorption and protecting the runner’s legs from injuries.

The most important element in getting right sports shoes is foot structure and the runners his behavior during the sports activity (remember that the feet movement during exercise is quite complex and includes activities of dozens of muscle and joints).


Advice for picking up your next pair of running shoes – learn what your need:

1. Experience brings wisdom -If you’re running and feel comfortable in a certain type of shoe and you don’t have a history of injuries – just get the same shoe model on your next purchase. While each brand of running shoes has numerous models to choose from – sticking to a safe bet is the safest way to go.

2. Walk before you run – don’t start testing your shoes in a long 10 mile run, use them to walk around the house. Try them out in the comfort of your own home a make sure the new sport shoes fit comfortably even without any strain.

3. Break them in gradually – new sport shoes are usually rigid and stiff, definitely when compared to the old pair of shoes you are about to throw away. Start you exercises with the new pair of sneakers gradually and increase your running distance over time. Allow the sneakers some time to flex before you challenge them and yourself.