Dance it off with Ballet Flat Shoes

By Eran, July 20, 2015

Ballet Flat Shoes as a Fashion Icon

Ballet Flat Shoes are always in fashion. Some experts believe it was the legendary performance of Audrey Hepburn wearing black ballet flats shoes in “Funny Face” that made them a fashion icon other would claim it was Brigitte Bardot who wore a red pair in “And God Created Woman”. In any case, the ballet flat shoes are now a part of our everyday wardrobe. So how come these 60 years old shoes are still in fashion?

A Huge Verity of Ballet Flat Shoes

Over the years ballet flat shoes got different interpretations within the large verity of designs; there is the classic pink / powder ones that looks like real ballerina shoes and some wilder examples featuring sexy leopard prints. There are the round toe, pointy toe, sparkly, spiky and so on. So anyone can find her match.

Ballet Flat Shoes VS. Heels

Ballet flat shoes are great addition to a classic nonchalant look. They are very comfortable and would, sometimes make a better choice than high heels for a work day, going out with friends or just running errands. True, they won’t make you look as tall as high heels will, but they will maintain an elegant appearance and two healthy happy feet.If you are a high heels addict you can always get a pair of foldable Ballet flats shoes to put in your bag and change whenever you are tiered of wearing heels.

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