Make a Shoe Statement

By Eran, May 26, 2015

Making a fashion statement, being a unique dresser and an defining you own original style is not an easy task. But these days many people are doing above and beyond express themselves through the clothes they wear and the shoes they pick. Making you own statement, is a task to enjoy and shoes are probably the best way to start. Even on a very limited budget, shoes give a chance to make a unique stylistic choice even under the limitations of corporate rules. Here a few recommendations making your own shoes statement without emptying your wallet:


Shoe awareness, open you eyes

Many people take special pride in their shoes and make a big effort to pick a pair that is exactly right for their fashion style. A great way to start your own search for the fashion statement is to take notice of the fashion statements people around you are trying to make. Turn you gaze to the ground and walk the street of any big city and you’ll find just how much style goes into picking the right pair of shoes. Thanks to the Internet, this journey can also be a virtual one. Sites focusing on design and style have thousands of boards revolving around shoes fashion. Pinterest perhaps the best site to start you search – any search for shoes will lead to dozen thousands of posts.


Shop around, read the reviews

If you are serious about making a shoes statement you need to shop around. Visit shoe stores and talk to the person in charge, try to get his or her feel of what’s hot and what’s obsolete, what makes the shoppers excited and which design are yesterday’s news. Scanning the online stores, like Amazon and Zappos are another great way to get a sense of the latest trends. Take the time to read the reviews and get a sense of the quality of the footwear you are about to buy. Weighing the pros and cons that might tip you decision to buy a pair of seemingly beautiful pair of shoes that will cause you tremendous frustration.


Be bold, go for unique colors

Making a fashion statement is all about being unique, making your own choices and standing bold behind the designs you love. While it is easy to merge with the crowds and go for safe color choices and popular agreeable design, it is no way to make a fashion statement that will be received loud and clear. Going for unique colors is the best way to stick out for the crowds. Making a statement is all about being noticed and recognized as an individual that has an exclusive perception on beauty and style. Identifying the right brand of footwear is a easy way to find large collections of bold shoe designs with unique colors. While many of the known brands go for entire collection centered around monochromatic designs with the familiar (and boring) black, red brown variety other brands make an effort and take great pride in exploring the extreme.