Tips for Getting the Best Trail Running Shoes

By Eran, May 26, 2015

While some runners prefer the smooth style of track running, many other see trail running as the ultimate running style of their choice. Seeing the countryside, feeling the Mother Nature and breathing the fresh air of the woods is something that has little competition in the urban setting. Finding the best trail running shoes is no small task. Trail running shoes come in a large variety of forms and designs leaving most new trail runner perplexed and confused. The simple truth is that you simply can’t find a single best trail running shoes – many are good trail running shoes but it all depends on the specific needs of the runner. Here is some basic advice for finding the trail running shoes that is good for you:

Pick the right level of protection for your trail running shoes

trail running shoes are the rugged siblings of track running shoes with an extra kick. There are meant to be strong and robust for rocky and muddy terrains. When picking a good shoe, look for the extra protection they offer and remember that its all about how extreme your trail running actually is. If you plan to run mostly in groomed trails you might do better with a light running shoe that offer only little protection. If you’re heading out to extreme rugged landscapes look for strong shoes that offer plenty of protection.

The brand isn’t everything

The top brands like Nike and Adidas make running shoes in all colors, styles and forms. They offer many models specifically for trail running that might not always be the best trail running shoes you can get. When shopping around, look for top brands that also manufacture hiking boots and climbing shoes. These brands know the secrets of making strong shoes that will endure even the rockiest and most rugged terrains out there.

Pick the right size

professional runners know that longer runs often cause their feet to swell and a few hours into the run. This type of swelling requires planning ahead and getting shoes that are half size bigger than what you usually wear to accommodate the changing size of your feet. Make sure to take this into consideration the running distance when picking up your next trail running pairs

Every shoe has a sole

The sole of the trail running shoes is a unique feature in the design of good trail footwear. The soles of most trail running shoes are wide and the design is close to the ground. This specific features minimize the chances of twisting you foot on uneven surfaces like rocks or bumps in the trail.


To make your choice a little easier, you can find below the list of best selling trail running shoes found on Amazon:


Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D CS WP Trail Running Shoe
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Price: $88.84 – 144.95
Colors: Black
Brand: Salomon

New Balance Men's MT110 Trail Running Shoe
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Price: $59.24 – 64.99
Colors: Grey
Brand: New Balance

ASICS Men's GEL-Venture® 4
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Price: $40.99 – 63.24
Colors: Gray
Brand: ASICS

Photo by Ian E. Abbott