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How to stretch your canvas shoes

here are 4 basic ways- heat, cold, manually or with mechanical aids.


USING A MICRO – Zap in micro for 30 secs (check first there are no metal parts). Remove and walk around a full minute. Repeat the process as necessary.

USING A HAIRDRYER - Wear thick socks and heat the shoes with a hairdryer at medium heat for 30 secs (not too close to avoid injury}.

USING STEAM – Hold shoes over steam coming from a boiling kettle (not too close to avoid injury). The steam will cause the fibers to become flexible. Put on shoes flexing the foot and toes. The fabric will stretch to fit your foot size.


Insert waterfilled bags (zip- lock) all the way into toe area of the shoe and put in freezer overnight. Next day remove bags and check fit. If needed repeat process.


Rolling socks to maximum capacity inside the shoes. Leave overnight. Repeat if necessary. As an alternative use damp rolled up balls of newspaper. 

Mechanical aids

There exist on the market patent shoe stretchers which are very effective if you are willing to invest the money. These are ideally used for breaking in or barely tight shoes. The process takes 6-8 hours and should be repeated several times.